A Journey Down Route 66

A Journey Down Route 66 on VHS. Documentary starring Michael Wallis. 1994.

A Journey Down Route 66 on VHS. Starring Michael Wallis. 1994.

The Road Says:

Award-winning author Michael Wallis takes us on this cross-country adventure along Route 66, The Mother Road. We’ll revisit the tourist spots and quaint motels, the secret corners and little cafes, the unique people and fascinating places he made famous in his best-selling book about America’s Main Street.

We’ll see where Route 66 began, and ended, in Chicago. We’ll explore the first truck stop in America and sample food at the greatest diners along the route. We’ll discover why they called her “Bloddy 66,” and visit the Cadillac Ranch outside Amarillo. We’ll try to eat a 72 oz. steak, see the Grand Canyon and ride along with the classic cars on a Route 66 “Fun Run”… plus much, much more!

It’s your journey down Historic 66… an American Tradition.

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