Webmaster aka Skyggen

Webmaster VHS cover art. Movie starring Lars Bom, Jorgen Kiil, Puk Scharbau. Directed by Thomas Borch Nielsen. 1998.

No One Is Safe In Cyberworld

Webmaster aka Skyggen VHS cover art. Movie directed by Thomas Borch Nielsen. 1998.

From the VHS box:

In a futuristic cyber world taken over by advanced artificial intelligence, a lone computer hacker (JB) is suddenly drawn into an unknown world controlled by the enigmatic Stoliss. Trading on luck, JB is given the assignment of “Webmaster.” But when a hacker maneuvers his way into Stoliss’ cyber empire, JB is given 35 hours to trap the intruder or die trying. Now, in order to survive, JB is forced to terminate an imposter he doesn’t even know. Let the countdown to death begin.

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