Rodan VHS cover art. Classic Japanese horror thriller monster movie starring Kenji Sawara, Yumi Shirakawa. Directed by Inshiro Honda. 1956.

Rodan on VHS. Starring Kenji Sawara, Yumi Shirakawa. Directed by Inshiro Honda. 1956.

Rodan says:

The King Brothers Presents A Toho Production

The Original Creature Feature!

This is the original thriller that has delighted monster movie fans for years, starring the legendary RODAN, disturbed from his prehistoric slumber to wreak havoc on civilization.

When the tale begins, H-bomb tests in the Pacific have led to a number of strange events. First, coal miners are attacked by a huge caterpillar. The monster is destroyed, but its eggs are buried deep in the mine. Then. a nearby volcano erupts, releasing the spawn it has nurtured for years beyond count: RODAN, a voraciously hungry prehistoric bird weighing over 100 tons with a 270-foot wing span. Modern weaponry is useless against Rodan, as he unleashed his wrath on the Japanese Islands. To add to the terror, another Rodan hatches and joins in the destruction.

The thrilling climax pits the Rodan monsters against the seething volcano that bred them, as society wonders what other horrors their bomb tests have awakened.

A classic thriller!

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