Nostradamus on VHS. Starring ? Directed by ? 1988.

Nostradamus on VHS. Starring ? Directed by ? 1988.

From the box:

His Predictions Are Accurate — And Frightening!

He foretells of… the end of the world… war in the Mideast… the big earthquake… the new antichrist… disaster in space… assassinations… and more. You Must See For Yourself!

Nostradamus. His name has resounded through the centuries — shadowed in legend and mystery. Who was this amazing 16th century mystic who accurately predicted future world events more than 400 years before they happened? These unbelievable predictions include the French Revolution, the rise and fall of Napoleon, the rise of Adoplh Hitler, The Kennedy assassinations and Man’s Walk on the Moon! Future predictions include what most experts feel is the most unnerving one of all, the nuclear annihhilation of the world as we know it.

Hod did Nostradamus do it? Within this remarkable story, we are able to explore the true essence of Nostradamus and his mysteries, and in doing so, possibly determine mankind’s future destiny on this planet.

Hiroshima… Nostradamus foretold of a day when a new weapon would “make the sun appear double…” Man had at last harnessed the awesome power of the stars.

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