Carlos Castaneda's Tensegrity on VHS. Directed by and starring Carlos Castaneda. 1996.

Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity on VHS. Directed by and starring Carlos Castaneda. 1996.

From the box:

Volume 3 Energetically Crossing From One Phylum To Another

Tensegrity is the art of utilizing, in a modern setting, magical passes, movements discovered and developed by shamans who lived in Mexico in ancient times. They were called magical passes because through practicing them, those shamans attained mental alertness, physical well-being, and more important yet, the possibility of becoming conscious of the abstract, unknown part of man. They were able, for example, to focus their full consciousness on a vibratory force, which they understood as the binding that holds together each living being in a cohesive unit.

In this videocassette, Energetically Crossing from One Phylum to Another, eight complete magical passes are shown. According to those shamans, by means of these passes, they were capable of transporting their awareness across the lines of our own phylum — Chordata — into an entirely different phylum: Arthropoda.

The members of what modern man calls the phylum Arthropoda, like the butterfly, for instance, were believed, by those shamans, to see the world as if through a container of crystal gelatin. They affirmed that for such creatures, the world consisted of hues, and that each hue had a particular scent.

This journey of consciousness was taken by those shamans as the means to accentuate their general awareness, and the prowess of their senses.

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