Patrick Stewart Narrates The Planets

Patrick Stewart Narrates "The Planets" on VHS. Starring Patrick Stewart. Music by Tomita. Directed by Don Barrett. 1993.

Patrick Stewart Narrates “The Planets” on VHS. Starring Patrick Stewart. Music by Tomita. Directed by Don Barrett. 1993.

From the VHS box cover:

From the moment you hear the rich voice of actor Patrick Stewart, you know you’re in for an adventure. While Stewart is best known as Captain Jean Luc Picard of “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” this time he’s our guide on a journey that takes us beyond the world of sci-fi. This time, our space odyssey is real. It’s an enterprise that gives us a window seat from real spacecraft — starships with names like Pioneer, Mariner, Viking, Voyager, Galileo and Magellan. We see an awesome array of NASA images — from lunar sunrises to digital moonscapes, and lava lakes to solar flares. Stewart’s dramatic narration helps us appreciate the mysteries of our universe as we fly over Mars at 200,000 miles per hour, and on through Saturn’s gossamer rings.

“The Planets” cosmic show is made all the more dazzling by the popular music of its soundtrack. The acclaimed electronic musician Tomita has created a modern version of Holst’s classic suite, “The Planets,” and its power fuels the excitement of our trip.

A hit music score, breathtaking vistas and a great voice to guide us — “The Planets” has all the right ingredients. Fascinating, factual and fun, it evokes a wide-eyed sense of wonder in us all.

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Holst: The Planets Gustav Holst (Composer), Charles Dutoit (Conductor)

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